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In 1978, as Uygun Grinding, our founder Mustafa Uygun has started its industrial activities as a company performing contract grinding works. Over the years, with the accumulated experience and investments made, it has developed and improved every year and served the sector for 36 years.

In 2008, as a family company in line with the needs in our sector with the experience accumulation it has started to produce mold punch and matrix under the name of Deko Kalıp. With the investments made since its establishment and developing production experience, it continues its services mainly in the production of standard and special product groups in the automotive and white goods sector.

We had started as a second manufacturing plant in the city of Plovdic,Bulgaria which the standard staples series production facilities have received from Canada in 2012. European standard staples to various countries and Turkey, and the driving pin assembly quality has been the cost and time began to offer the advantage.

The company has reached the leading position in the sector with a total of 2,500 m² indoor capacity, two facilities which is investing with each passing day have the largest technological machines in Turkey and 45 experienced staff.


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